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Injection Molding: Upgraded Servohydraulic Toggle Line Is Milacron’s New ‘Global’ Design

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New general-purpose toggle presses have upgraded clamp specs.

Q-Series servoydraulic toggle presses are the latest introduction from Milacron. Based on the company’s Magna Toggle line from the U.S. and F-series from Germany (formerly Ferromatik), the Q-Series is described as a culmination of “globally engineered technology.” This is a further development of the Quantum toggle series introduced at NPE2018, with the addition of smaller sizes and further upgrades. The new line is available from 55 to 610 tons and is aimed at a wide range of applications.

Besides energy efficiency from servo-driven hydraulics, the Q-Series reportedly offers improved clamp speeds and better tonnage linearity, allowing minimum tonnage to go lower than previous toggle designs. Platen sizes, tiebar spacing, ejection force, and mold-weight capacity have also been upgraded from prior designs. The clamp travels on linear guides and grease-free tiebars keep the mold area clean. A newly designed, swiveling injection unit with twin cylinders is said to minimize machine footprint. Endura Touch controls include an on-screen energy monitor. The Q-Series is available as part of Milacron’s Quick-Delivery Program in Europe and North America.


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