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Injection Molding: Upper Range of High-Speed Packaging Presses Extended

Yizumi-HPM has expanded its PAC-K series of injection molding machines, adding a fourth model with 610 tons of clamping force.


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Yizumi-HPM Corp. has added the PAC-K-610 model to its PAC-K series, which now includes four machines—275, 385, 500 and 610 tons—with shot sizes from 5 to 74 oz. Utilizing a servo-hydraulic pump system for energy efficiency, the PAC-K series can achieve injection speeds up to 23 in./sec (585 mm/sec).  

The toggle clamp features a negative-angle toggle and large beveled structure to create rigid platens that reportedly better transfer clamping force from rear platen to the center of the moving platen, minimizing deflection.

The clamp’s linear bearing guides help reduce friction, which lowers energy consumption and improves operating speeds. A high-response servo-proportional valve is used for speed and position control.   

PAC-K series injection units have a compact, in-line injection cylinder that reportedly provides low inertia and rapid acceleration with a high level of accuracy. Infrared heater bands are standard—Yizumi-HPM says they can reduce heat losses by 30% to 50% over conventional ceramic heater bands.

Yizumi HPM PAC-K-610 injection molding machines

Yizumi HPM has added a fourth machine to its PAC-K series of high-speed presses for packaging: the PAC-K-610.