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Injection Molding: ‘Value-Priced’ Servo-Hydraulic Toggle Presses from Taiwan

Asian Plastic Machinery’s new EV2 line is available here from Cincinnati Process Technologies.


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Cincinnati Process Technologies (CPT), Cincinnati, has introduced to the U.S. the new Super Master EV2 Series of servo-hydraulic toggle presses from Asian Plastic Machinery,
sub. of Chen Hsong Group of Taiwan. This “value-priced” line ranges from 88 to 1099 tons. According to CPT general manager Mike Green, these machines use up to 80% less energy and water than standard hydraulic presses and also reduce noise levels. The Smart Mold Controller with B&R 10.4-in. display allows operators to profile stages of injection speed, holding pressure, backpressure, and screw rpm with closed-loop control. Pricing starts in the “low $40,000 range,” according to CPT, making the EV2 Series unusually affordable for its capabilities.

CPT will exhibit at NPE 2018 in Orlando, Fla., in May. It will not have an EV2 model, but will operate one of its higher-end TSV Series servo-hydraulic toggles with an IML system.


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