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Injection Molding: Vertical Insert Molding Line Increases Tonnage

Boy’s largest largest vertical injection molding machine line will now range up to 60 tons of clamping force instead of 55.


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Boy Machines (U.S. office Exton, Penn.) will introduce its largest vertical injection molding machine—Boy 60 EVV—upping the clamp force from 55 to 60 tons. The company reported that the increased clamping force will initially only be available for the Boy 60 EVV featuring the SP 215 injection unit with a maximum shot volume of 166.3 cm3.

In the future, the company said the three smaller injection units—SP 56, SP 69 and SP 82—will also be available for this model. Targeting overmolding of insert components of different sizes, the machine line offers molders a total of eight different screw diameters.

Like all Boy insert molding machines, the 4-tie bar BOY 60 E VV has an ergonomically favorable table height of 38 inches, with mold access from all four sides. The overall footprint leaves ample space on the rear machine frame to add peripheral devices and accessory equipment, including automation.

Also standard are an energy-efficient servo drive and the Procan ALPHA control. The Boy-EconPlast plasticizing unit is available as an option starting from a screw diameter of 18 mm.

Boy 60 E VV

Boy has extended the upper clamp force range of its vertical insert molding machines with the new 60-ton 60 E VV.