Integrated Multi-Loop Controller Saves Time, Space and Cost

Watlow, St.

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Watlow, St. Louis, has introduced a configurable multi-loop version of its EZ-Zone integrated temperature controls. EZ-Zone RM temperature/process controller is said to be the first industrial controller to integrate an entire assembly of control-loop functionality in one space-saving, DIN-rail-mounted package. EZ Zone RM can be used as a PID temperature/process controller, an over/under limit controller, or as an integrated controller with both functions. Other functions can be integrated as well, such as high-amperage power controller output, creating a complete thermal-loop controller in one package. The integrated controller greatly reduces wiring time and termination complexity, reduces installation costs, and eliminates compatibility issues when combining different components from different vendors. In addition, troubleshooting is simplified because the system can specifically identify any problems with a sensor, controller, SSR power output, or heater load. The unit can be configured with one to 16 modules controlling up to 64 loops. Customers pay only for the number of loops they need. Optional functions can be integrated, such as over/under temperature control loops, heater drivers, onboard data logging, current measurement, start-up sequencing, and programmable timers, counters, math, and logic. (800) WATLOW2 •

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