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Laboratory Management Software for Permeation Analyzers

Ametek Mocon’s new PermWare software is designed for laboratory managers overseeing Mocon permeation analyzers.  


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New laboratory management software has been introduced byAmetek Mocon, Minneapolis, Minn., designed for laboratory managers that oversee Mocon permeation analyzers. The PermWare software connects to all Mocon permeation analyzers, stores analytical results, and test parameters into a secure database. It also has dashboard overviews that allow lab managers to monitor and review multiple permeation instrument operations at once. PermWare is said to be secure and reliable using Windows 10 OS and bridges Mocon’s legacy PermNet database with data from today’s next generation analyzers. It can connect up to 100 next-generation analyzers and can connect to an unlimited number of legacy WinPerm stations.  

Ametek Mocon's new PermWare software for Mocon permeation analyzers.

Explains senior product manager for permeation products Jeff Jackson,  “We are excited to launch PermWare, which stores data from all Mocon analyzers into one single database. PermWare brings the convenience of our legacy WinPerm operating system, with its multi-instrument dashboard viewing capabilities, and our legacy PermNet data storage system to our next-gen line of permeationaa analyzers, while still being compatible with our legacy products.