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Large-Neck Bottle Spin Trimmer Packs Higher Speed

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MTM dual-belt spin trimmer handles large, neck-to-neck bottles at over 100 “logs” per minute.

MTM Systems, division of Lectro Engineering, has come out with the MTM 2225 Horizontal N2N Spin Trimmer that can handle neck diameters greater than 6 in.—and at high speeds. It is designed for “log-style” (neck-to-neck) containers and can trim more than 100 logs/min. 

The new dual-belt trimmer fits in the same small footprint of the single-belt MTM 2025, 50 in. wide and 60 in. long. It comes with an infeed chute fully adjustable to fit most log designs.

MTM’s upper and lower drive belts allow control of the rolling speed and direction the container will roll through the spin trimmer. Speeds and rotational direction can be controlled via the color touchscreen.

Setup is said to be easy, accurate and repeatable with a new blade-holder design. This allows blade changes without any readjustments afterwards. The blades are pinned in location for exact fit and setup every time.


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