Stretch Blow Molding | 1 MINUTE READ

Larger ‘1.5-Step’ PET Machine

Nissei ASB Machine Co. is introducing a larger size of its “1.5-step” PF-series injection-stretch-blow machine.


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Nissei ASB Machine Co. of Japan (U.S. office in Smyrna, Ga.) is introducing a larger size of its “1.5-step” PF-series injection-stretch-blow machine. These machines incorporate both preform injection and stretch-blowing like a one-step machine, but the two operations are separated for optimum productivity of both operations. Up to now, the largest model in the series was the PF24-8B, with 12 or 24 preform cavities and four or eight blowing cavities—the blowing section that operates three times per injection molding cycle.

The new model PF36/36-600 has 36 preform cavities and a 12-cavity linear stretch-blow system. It can mold bottles up to 600 ml capacity. Its footprint is just 30 cm (11.7 in.) longer than the PF24-8, but increases productivity 50-80% from around 9000 bph to 14,000-17,000 bph.

Other models built on the same platform are the PF36/24-1500 with 24 preform cavities and eight blowing cavities, for bottles up to 1.5 L; PF36/18-2000 (18 preforms, six blowing cavities, for bottles up to 2 L); and PF36/12-5000 (12 preforms, four blowing cavities, for containers up to 5 L). Further models are in development for molding nine preforms and containers up to 10 L and six preform cavities for up to 12 L.

These hybrid machines have hydraulic injection and all downstream functions are fully electric. They utilize a new PC-based control system with larger, 18.5-in. touchscreen that replaces most manual switches.