Larger Booth, Closer Proximity to Technology Partners for Burger & Brown

Upgrading to a 50 percent larger booth over NPE2015, Burger & Brown’s bigger space is also adjacent to RJG Inc., which will use that company’s new Tracer units to provide flow and temperature readings to its data acquisition and monitoring systems.

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Burger & Brown Engineering Inc. has upgraded its NPE2018 presence to a 30-by-20 island in the West Hall (Booth W3291) that is catty corner from RJG (Booth W3383). RJG is running the company’s new TracerVM Base units. The Tracer platform gathers and shares flow rate and temperature data from up to eight TracerVM Base flowmeters installed in injection mold cooling circuits. TracerVM Base Flowmeters purchased separately can be connected via cable to the TracerVM Bluetooth Interface.

Burger & Brown says the interface wirelessly transmits data to display on a mobile device up to 20 meters away, with the mobile app able to show information from up to 30 units at one time, creating flow-condition data-log files. These can then be saved onto USB flash drive to document a process’s mold cooling water conditions.

TracerVM can also communicate over an Ethernet connection with a local network. Data Logger PC software, which is included with the interface, displays and stores temperature and flow rate data. In addition to saving comma-delimited data files that can be placed into a spreadsheet, the software enables customizable visual alerts for low- or high-temperature and flow-rate limits.

The new TracerVM A with AutoReg is a new automatic flow regulator that automatically adjusts flow rate to the required user-selected volume regardless of changes in line pressure. This results in a more consistent flow rate with more control over cooling water conditions in critical molding situations. The electronics control communicates with the valve actuator, adjusting the valve opening to maintain the correct flow rate. Local or remotely mounted electronics control allows for convenient positioning. Electronics control may be mounted up to 2.9 meters (9.5-ft) away from the flow sensor and regulator.

In addition to RJG, Milacron and Sumitomo (SHI) Demag have TracerVM products installed and operational on injection molding machines at NPE2018.


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Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc.

Booth: W3291

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