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Laser Welder Offers Speed, Flexibility and Enhanced Manufacturing Capabilities

Emerson’s new Branson GL-300 laser welder said to offer plastic component manufacturers maximum flexibility without loss of quality or product performance.


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A new plastic laser welding line from Emerson, Brookfield, Conn,, is said to offer plastics component manufacturers maximum production flexibility and speed without compromising on weld quality or product performance.

The Branson GL-300 plastics laser welds offers maximum flexibility

The new Branson GL-300 laser welder, which would have been presented at NPE 2021, is engineered to shift easily from batch production to a varied production mix in minimal time. For low-volume, high-mix manufacturers, the GL-300 laser welding platform offers cost-effective and easy-to-change weld tooling that allows for a faster production startup and rapid, accurate adjustment to meet changing product specifications and requirements.

GL-300 welder capabilities are further enhanced by features including a high-quality scanning system, easy-to-use HMI, large (300mm x 300mm) weld area, and multiple weld modes. Its 300-watt laser power source, which provides the high-intensity laser transmission needed to ensure a wide range of material compatibility, is height-adjustable to allow for varied part sizes. In addition, an adjustable spot size, ranging from 1.57 mm to 0.5 mm allows for bonding both larger parts or small and delicate parts. Together, these features enable the Branson GL-300 to support widely varied applications with different plastic materials, application sizes and production speeds.