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Leaf-Spring Roll Stopper Holds Slides in Place

Meusburger’s leaf-spring roll-stopper slide retainers come in two different variations with three different thicknesses of leaf spring.


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Meusburger says the new E 3050 leaf-spring roll stoppers—used for holding slides in place while the mold is open—feature a compact, yet powerful (retaining forces of up to 140 N) design. The product is available in two different variations and three different leaf spring thicknesses to serve a range of applications.

The stopper functions by having the roll inside the roll holder lock when placed under tension during mold open. The leaf spring’s recess area ensures the slide body is held securely without any “play”. The roll is made of high-quality roller-bearing steel, and, paired with the nitrided leaf spring ensures minimal friction and maximum service life. For high-temperature applications, the slide retainer can be used at temperatures of up to 200 C.

Type A of the leaf-spring roll stopper features an integrated stop for precise, secure positioning. This model’s slide stroke can be adjusted using the optional E 1312 shim. Type A also features a roll holder, which can be replaced without dismantling the slide, saving time.

Type B enables adjustment of the roll’s height through the additionally available E 1312 shim. This helps compensate for manufacturing tolerances in the mold. Meusburger notes that the flat installation space also means this version can be used in tight spaces, with the stop able to catch with the help of an additional screw.

The three different thicknesses for the slide retainer’s leaf springs are interchangeable and by using the standardized Meusburger component, time can be saved during maintenance since the components can be mounted or dismantled from the split-line face without having to remove the mold. Meusburger recommends cleaning and lubricating the roll after 100,000 cycles with fully synthetic VLS 250 high-performance oil. CAD data for the mold design, including the installation spaces, are available for download, and the slide stroke can be configured individually within the limit values.

E 3050 leaf-spring roll stoppers

Meusburger’s E 3050 leaf-spring roll stoppers pack a lot of holding force into a compact slide retainer.


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