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Linked-Valve Reimagines Stock Manifold Block Customization

Patent-pending system from Plastixs allow a single lever to simultaneously operate mold cooling supply and return lines. 


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Patent-pending Linked-Valve is a system of linkages from Plastixs that allow a single lever to simultaneously operate mold cooling supply and return lines. The product, which can help customize stock manifolds, is currently available for use on both 1- and 1.5-in. Smartflow aluminum manifolds and Plastixs 1 and 1.5-in. compact stainless steel manifolds.

Operators can actuate supply and return valves from a single side of the manifold assembly and customize the number of manifold ports to match their application. Linked-Valve utilizes standard supply and return ball valves for their reliability and ease of replacement.

Linked-Valves allow manifolds to be placed into tighter spaces without worrying about blocking access to the valve levers, and they ensure that both the supply and return valves of a mold cooling circuit are opened. Accidental coupler spills are prevented by blocking operators access to those couplers when the valves are open and ensuring both valves are closed before the coupler is removed.