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Long-Chain Nylon Compounds for Automotive and More

Ascend’s new HiDura nylons 610 and 612 designed for automotive fuel systems, cable ties for solar power systems, battery seals and monofilaments for brush bristles.  


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A new series of long-chain nylon compounds has been developed by Houston-based Ascend Performance Polymers for engineering plastics, cable ties and monofilaments. According the Ascend, the largest fully integrated producer of nylon 66, the new HiDura nylons 610 and 612 have been designed to provide exceptional dimensional stability and long life with enhanced resistance to chemicals, impact and abrasion.

Ascend's new HiDura nylon 610 and 612 for auto fuels systems and more

HiDura PA610 and 612 are being targeted for use in automotive fuel system and brake line applications, cable ties for solar power systems, battery seals and monofilaments for brush bristles. Said HiDura business manager Kaan Gunes, “Customers choose Ascend because they can rely on our materials’ performance in some of their most challenging applications. We developed HiDura to endure in extreme conditions and uses. Whether used in a connector for solar panels or as brush bristles, our customers can count on HiDura to perform well over the life of the application.”


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