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Low-Viscosity, “Dual-Action” Purging Compound

Shuman Plastics’ new Dyna-Purge L purging compound is a recyclable, heat-stable formulation for hot runners, stack molds and extrusion applications.


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A new “dual-action”, recyclable, heat-stable thermoplastic purging compound optimized for use in hot runners, stack molds and extrusion applications is newly available from Shuman Plastics, Depew, N.Y. Dyna-Purge L is an engineered grade that incorporates the company’s exclusive ‘3X’ technology. Its reportedly dynamic action works efficiently on the process boundary layers as well as negative flow and stagnation points.

Shuman Plastics's new Dyna-Purge L heat-stable purging compound.

The Dyna-Purge L formulation is said to allow for the safe removal of resin, color, carbon, additives and impurities without abrasives or chemicals. A moldable compound, it also has been shown to allow for the removal of purges after hot runner cleaning using automation where applicable. Other applications include cold runners, extrusion profile, sheet, blown and cast film, compounding, and blow molding.

The new purging compound is said to be effective with all types of thermoplastics and has a temperature range of  320 F–625 F (160 C-329 C). Amount of purge is typically one-to-two times barrel capacity, though the actual amount needed depends on machine conditions. Dyna-Purge L is designed for quick color changes, resin changes, preventative machine maintenance and prior to manual cleaning. Interested processors and compounders are invited to sample Dyna-Purge L at no charge.