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2/3/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

MACHINE CONTROL: Online Support Program Provides Remote Access

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Industrial VPN gives processors, service techs remote access to controls.

The MACO Customer First Program support agreement from Eurotherm uses an industrial VPN router to provide secure, remote access to the MACO control system, giving users the same access as when a service person is on site. The program permits remote setup, programming, and troubleshooting of operations, including the ability to load any customer-desired programming changes.


The program includes installation of an eWON industrial VPN router in the control enclosure and the configuration of the MACO Compact and the eWON unit with connections to the supplied Ethernet switch. The customer is responsible for the connection of the industrial router to the company LAN.


Once the industrial VPN router unit is installed, configured and connected to the company LAN, remote access to the MACO Compact system is possible. An on screen switch and timer at an engineering security level will be provided with the standard MACO programming so that the customer can control when the remote access is available.


When the switch is on, a timer will start and a digital output from the MACO device to the industrial VPN router will be activated. When the timer runs out, the communication will cease. Alternatively, the customer can stop the communication at any time with an on-screen command. 


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