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MATERIAL HANDLING: Conveying System for Largest Single-Line PET Plant

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Capacity is 80 tons/hr.

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Pelletron Corp., Lancaster, Pa. is furnishing the pneumatic transfer system for what’s billed as the world’s largest single-line PET resin production plant. The Mossi Ghisolfi (M&G) Group of Italy is building a PET plant in Corpus Christi, Texas, to be operated by M&G Chemicals, Houston. When it comes on stream late next year, it will have a capacity of 2.2 billion lb/yr.

With capacity of 80 tons/hr, the conveying system consists of Pelletron’s pellcon3 system, comprising the Strandphase conveying unit (a technology intermediate between dense-phase and dilute-phase conveying), Pellbow pipe bends, and a deduster for fines removal. Besides the lower investment cost, the system is said to be more energy-efficient than dense-phase conveying. And unlike dense-phase systems, pellcon3 also reportedly does not create any dynamic forces, which results in lower building construction and silo costs.



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