MATERIALS HANDLING: Filterless Vacuum Receivers in Two Styles

Available with removable or hinged lids.

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Two distinct styles of filterless vacuum receivers are now avauilable from Novatec, Baltimore. The VR-FL models are the firm's standard “removable-lid’ receivers that require a separate vacuum sequencing valve while the VRH-FL models have hinged lids with a built-in sequencing valve (except on 4-in. line sizes).

In either case, going filterless eliminates the necessity of cleaning filters and the filter replacement costs, Novatec point out. A filter is not required because these models use a cyclonic action to separate the material from the air flow. The necessity of an optional blowback feature is also eliminated.

The units feature a stainless steel body that provides an attractive scratch-resistant surface. The tangential material inlet with gasketed check valve, minimizes degradation of material while also minimizing harm to the receiver walls.

The hinged-lid models (photo) are popular because the lid swings up and locks in place so the interior of the receiver can be safely cleaned after material changes. They also have a local on/off switch so the operator does not have to walk to a central control to turn the unit off.

When conveying particularly abrasive materials, either style is available with extended wear ceramic coated options that are bolted in place and can be replaced, when necessary.

The VR-FL models are available in capacities of 1/3 to 3 ft3 while the VRH-FL models are available from 1/3 to 2 ft3. Machine mount styles are available with multiple glass sizes for most models.

All VR-FL and VRH-FL models include a 2-yr warranty.