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Material Handling: News in Conveying & Drying at Fakuma

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Piovan introduces filterless receivers, upgraded coupling station, and new drying hoppers.

At the Fakuma 2018 show in Germany in October, Piovan of Italy (parent of Universal Dynamics here) introduced three new products. One was a line of Pureflow filterless receivers—the first for the company—in sizes from 2 to 200 liters.

For conveying multiple materials to multiple processing machines, the latest version of Easylink+ fully automatic coupling station has an updated controller. It can convey up to 60 materials to as many as 60 locations. Integration with Winfactory 4.0 is said to ensure complete traceability.

 There are also new hoppers for the company’s Modula dryers. They have an embossed diamond pattern (photo), which won’t show dents as easily as smooth-sided steel hoppers.


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