Material Handling: Sensor Measures Material Consumption at Hopper

Unit tracks primary material consumption and gives information on total consumption after each production order.


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Featuring a universal design that can fit almost any type of hopper loader, Movacolor’s MCNumera resin consumption counter can track material usage in injection molding applications (Movacolor equipment is distributed in the U.S. by Romax Inc.). In addition to total consumption after each production order, the MCNumera can also track intermediate batch information for every hopper loader cycle. Users can link to Movacolor’s MCSmart monitoring software for a complete monitoring and reporting system, giving them complete information on all the Movacolor units in their factory.

An adapter placed on top of the MCNumera allows it to be mounted to loaders with an outlet diameter up to 280 mm (11 inches). Different tube holders make it possible to connect to any kind of material tube, and indication lights on four sides of the probe allow its status to be visually assessed from any angle.

The MCNumera is available as stand-alone system or it has a plug-and-play setup allowing it to connect with any Movacolor touchscreen. This allows it to function with any injection molding system, regardless of whether the auxiliaries are Movacolor or any other brand.

Movacolor’s touchscreen controller features self-learning software to ensure an accuracy of ±0.5%, while modular tube supports ensure stable measurement. Integrated LED indications in the unit itself give quick info to the line operator about the unit’s working status.