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Materials: Advanced LSR System with Low-Temperature Cure

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Elkem’s patented LSR Select boasts precision molding and productivity improvements.

A new patented advanced system of LSR materials with dosing capabilities that reportedly offer three ‘game-changing’ capabilities for molders and product designers is new from Elkem Silicones, East Brunswick, N.J., and featured at MD&M West 2020.

LSR Select LSR is touted for its low-temperature cure, precision formulation and productivity improvements. Unlike conventional  LSR, this advanced system is said to achieve cure at temperatures as low as 80C/176F and below without damaging temperature-sensitive components such as plastics, electronics and batteries in two-shot and over molding applications.


According to the company, LSR Select allows users to create  unique custom blends to achieve precise performance requirements for durometer specification or other property attributes.

In addition to these capabilities, this LSR reportedly optimizes cure kinetics to yield improved cycle times of up to 50% and beyond, which increases equipment utilization and efficiency.




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