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5/14/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Materials: Advanced PPA for FR Connectors in E/E Devices

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BASF’s new Ultramid Advanced T2000 is touted for its combination of excellent mechanical and dielectric strength at high temperatures. 

BASF has further extended its polyphthalamide (PPA) portfolio, and globally launching the new material at Chinaplas 2019, Guangzhou. Based on nylon 6T/66, Ultramid Advanced T2000 PPA compound boasts a combination of excellent mechanical and dielectric strength at high temperatures - properties particularly needed for connectors in the E&E industry. Due to its partially aromatic chemical structure, Ultramid Advanced T2000 is said to be the ideal solution for parts that require high, constant stiffness and strength over a broad temperature range in combination with resistance to heat and humidity as well as optional flame-retardant properties. Such applications can be found in the E&E connector industry where high resistivity is required; and in the transportation industry where materials must remain strong in whatever temperatures or environment. Applications can range from delicate flame-retardant connectors via structural laptop parts to switches and miniature circuit breakers. With its high flowability in injection molding, the new PPA enables thin-wall design and good surface quality. It is also said to enhance part integrity: structures resist melting when exposed to transient extreme heat and are resistant to external mechanical shock.

Furthermore, the glass-fiber reinforced grades offer the optimal combination of easy processing with high strength even at temperatures above the glass transition point. This makes them a versatile candidate for metal replacement of automotive parts such as water outlet valves, water pumps, fuel system components as well as actuators, transmission sensors and clutch parts – in other words, anywhere where superior strength, stiffness and resistivity over the complete range of application temperatures, both dry and in conditioned state are required. Ultramid Advanced T2000 exhibits good resistance to all common automotive media such as coolants, fuels, oils and lubricants as well as to cleaners and road salts.

The new PPA shows improved impact strength on par with standard nylon 66 and a lower water uptake than standard aliphatic nylons resulting in high dimensional stability. Its high melting point (310C/590F)) and heat deflection temperatures of >280C/536F (HDT-A) make it the ideal material for lead-free soldering without part deformation. The material can be efficiently processed: Its flowability is significantly higher than that of other high-temperature nylons without compromising flexibility or toughness. Several post-processing methods like welding with other Ultramid Advanced T2000 grades, nylons or PPAs in general, as well as laser marking are possible.


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