Materials: "Anti-Squeak" ABS, PC, and PC Blends

Albis’ new Alcom MS Anti Squeak compounds targeted to automotive and consumer electronics. 

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Germany’s Albis Plastics (U.S. office in Sugar Land, Texas) is now offering its newly developed Alcom MS “Anti Squeak” family of compounds especially for customers in the automotive and consumer electronics industries. It’s ABS-, PC-, or PC+-based component materials reportedly provide improved “stick-slip” behavior, which reduces the risk of unwanted noise when coming into contact with other casing materials— it prevents the creaking and cracking noises that consumers associate with lower product quality in day-to-day use.

This gives the Alcom MS “Anti Squeak” potential areas of application in areas ranging from plastic components and housings in truck interiors to consumer electronics casings— anywhere that involves components being inserted, clipped, or screwed together, where even the smallest relative motion between connected plastic parts could create noise.

In a test pursuant to VDA 230-206 (the Ziegler test), the newly developed materials yielded impressive results even under adverse testing conditions, with no significant effects on the new compound’s mechanical and rheological properties. All materials were evaluated in terms of lacquerability and low emissions for vehicle interiors.