MATERIALS: Biobased Blends for Thinner Compostable Films

FKuR to showcase the first of it compostable compounds based on new technology for packaging films with particularly low thickness and puncture resistance.

Global compounder of bioplastics for flexible packaging FKuR (U.S. office in Cedar Park, Texas), will launch the first two products based on its new technology for the production of compounds which can be processed onto packaging films with particularly low thickness and, at the same time, high-puncture resistance. Films made of the new Bio-Flex FX 1120 and FX 1130 compounds are reportedly suitable for food contact and compostable according to EN 13432. Depending on the type, the proportion of renewable raw materials exceeds 50%. The processing for both FX types of Bio-Flex corresponds largely to standard PE processing.

FX 1130 is designed to complement the previous standard compound F 1130 for especially thin films. While the latter produces films with a paperlike touch, the FX quality offers a silky surface, and films made with this FX compound are also characterized by an increased tensile strength, puncture and tear resistance; allowing converters to use less material. It has been proven that film thicknesses of 8 microns are possible, along with higher throughputs, and excellent sealing properties. FX 1120 is targeted to very thin bags, such as bio-waste bags. The increased water resistance claimed, when compared to starch blends, permits a high retention of moisture which is originated during the decomposition of organic products in bio-bags. With a high proportion of renewable raw materials of more than 50%, the FX 1120 compound fulfills the requirement of the German Bio-waster ordinance.