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MATERIALS: Diverse Line of TPEs

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Infinity LTL's new line of compounds available in a wide range of durometers.

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A new line of TPEs with grades for specialty compounding, a variety of functionalities and varying degrees of rigidity and softness had been introduced by LTL Engineered Compounds, Morrisville, Penn., a part of the Americhem Group. The new line includes styrenic block copolymers, TPVs and TPUs, which can be customized in accordance with the manufacturer’s application, equipment and desired end-use properties.

            These TPE compounds can be made in a wide range of durometers and include grades for soft-touch overmolding as well as customizable and standard grades of the compounds. Many of these products are part of the company’s ColorFast line of precolored compounds, while others in the ColorRx line are for the healthcare and medical device industries. Functional properties can include: structural reinforcement, flame retardancy, electrical conductivity, wear resistance and density modification. Applications range from consumer goods to industrial products, as well as healthcare devices.