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Materials: Flame-Retardant, Impact-Modified PC/PBT

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New additions to extensive portfolio of UL listed resins and blends for E/E/ from Polymer Resources.

.A new impact-modified PC/PBT blend that complies with the UL94 5VA and V-0 standards is the latest addition to an extensive portfolio of UL listed resins and blends—now over 70, offered by custom compounder of specialty engineering resins Polymer Resources, Farmington, Conn.

The new blend reportedly addresses a current market shortage and offers an excellent combination of chemical resistance to oil, gas and tough household cleaners along with impact strength and weatherability—both moisture resistance and good color stability under UV exposure. This PC/PBT also sports a high heat-deflection temperature and outstanding flame-retardant performance, so that with its current UL listings offers processors the flexibility to design both thinner-and thicker-wall geometries for their flame-retardant parts. Target applications included injection-molded parts such as electrical sockets and plugs for medical applications, residential switch plates and outdoor components for fiber optic installations. The newly commercialized blend follows last year’s introduction of a PC/ASA blend with UL 94 V-0 rating at 1.5mm, and a 5VA rating at 3.0mm in all colors—also targeted to E/E applications.