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Materials: Flame-Retardant, Intumescent Olefin Compounds and Concentrates

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Dynamic Modifiers’ new line of compounds can be processes as cast, blown or calendered film, sheet, profiles, molded shapes. 

A new line of proprietary olefin-based compounds and concentrates, said to be the latest non-halogenated, non-heavy metal option to impart the highest degree of flame retardancy achievable to PP homopolymers, copolymer and TPO blends, has been launched by specialty compounder Dynamic Modifiers, LLC, Atlanta, Ga.

The new intumescent DynaChar Olefin compounds and concentrates, which incorporate a char foaming additive formulation, are said to produce char-forming bodies with no flaming drip. They are available as customized products for processing as cast, blown or calendered film, sheet, coated substrates, molded shape, profiles as either flexible or rigid formats. An adhesive version of DynaChar is designed for laminates of carbon fiber and glass woven fabric. All versions have passes a 60 second 1900 C vertical burn test.

Meanwhile, a biopolymer having a V-2 rating with a V-O rating version now in further development is designed for use in performance textile fibers/yarns to rigid constructions. According to the company, all intumescent compounds and the biopolymer are 100% non-toxic, engineered for complete sustainability, and priced competitively at under $5/lb.