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MATERIALS HANDLING: High-Intensity Separation Conveyor Removes Metal Chips

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Conveyor removes small work-hardened 300 stainless steel and paramagnetic chips from shredded and ground plastic.

Related Suppliers

Bunting Magnetics Co., Newton, Kan., will showcase a variety of metal detection, magnetic separation, and material handling products at NPE 2015 (Orlando, March 23-27, Booth W5563), including the high-intensity separation conveyor.


In designing that conveyor, Bunting said it utilized finite element design software to maximize magnetic field strength and create some of the highest magnetic surface intensities available. The result is an extremely strong magnetic field with a low field height for attracting, holding, and extracting even small items made with weak magnetic materials.


According to Bunting, difficult and unusual items separated using the conveyor included stainless steel razor blades, small computer screws, stainless sheet metal from computer hard drives, tiny screws from plastic chips, and green boards with attached chips.