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MATERIALS HANDLING: Pellet De-Duster for Injection Molding

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At K 2013, a compact new De-Duster mounts atop molding machines.

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A brand-new introduction at K 2013 in Düsseldorf next month will be the C-20 DeDuster for injection molding from Pelletron Corp., Lancaster, Pa. This lightweight (20-lb), stainless-steel unit mounts under the hopper loader on the press and requires only 9.5 in. of height for installation. It consumes just 2-3 cfm of compressed air at 20-30 psi to remove fines and streamers from pellets at a nominal flow rate of 50-70 lb/hr, depending on bulk density of the material. The C-20 is more compact than Pelletron’s P-1 deduster, currently used for injection molding, but reportedly offers similar cleaning efficiency.


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