Resin Conveying | 1 MINUTE READ

Materials Handling: Plug Single-Tunnel Diverter Valve

New diverter valve from Schenck Process has two-way switching for dilute-phase or dense-phase conveying.


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New PST30 plug single-tunnel diverter valve from Schenck Process, Whitewater, Wis., introduces a number of new features, such as internal shim-able positive stops, inflatable pneumatic seals at each port, position indication from the tunnel itself, and external tunnel position indication. A version without inflatable seals is also offered.

PST30 also features 145° port-to-port rotation, two-way switching capability for either dilute-phase or dense-phase conveying, pneumatic actuator with 4-sec actuation time between ports, and two SPST proximity sensors. The housing, end plates, plugs, and inlet/outlet ports can be aluminum or 316 stainless steel. Aluminum versions are hard anodized for wear resistance.