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MATERIALS HANDLING: Product Handling Tech for Molded Plastics

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Multiple axes and high-speed servos allows a continuous flow of product and eliminate the need for accumulation or intermittent start/stop operations.

Schneider Packaging Equipment Co. Inc., Brewerton, N.Y., which specializes in complete end-of-line packaging systems, will exhibit products for laning, orienting, packing and palletizing at NPE2015 (W8663).


Schneider’s plastics-specific offerings include its two-axis servo high-speed laner, which maintains a continuous flow of product and eliminates the need for product accumulation or intermittent start/stop operations.


The company’s custom end-of-arm tooling is specifically engineered for high speed molded plastic packaging, according to Schneider, and it has the ability to pack combo packs, including products with a complex shape that must be both tightly and gently packed.


When combined with Schneider’s vision-guided robotics, the systems are able to locate, inspect, sort, count, orient, align, pack, close, label and palletize molded goods.