MATERIALS HANDLING: Real-Time Pellet Moisture Monitoring and More at K 2016

Mini-dryer, upgraded gravimetric blender, and a new mini central conveying system join the Moisture Meter at K 2016.

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Moretto of Italy (U.S. office in Columbus, Ohio) will bring its latest developments in drying, blending, and conveying to K 2016 in Dusseldorf next month. First is the Moisture Meter (pictured), an in-line, real-time monitor of moisture content in the pellets at the dryer exit. First introduced at Fakuma 2015 after six years of development, and used by processors for over a year now, the device will become globally available as of the K show.

As reported in a Jan. ’16 Starting Up, Moisture Meter uses electromagnetic waves to measure moisture content in the pellets (not the drying air) every 10 sec. No calibration is required; the user simply selects the resin from a materials database in the controller. With the Moisture Meter Plus upgrade, the system measures moisture twice—at the top and the bottom of the hopper—and the Moretto dryer automatically adjusts drying parameters for optimal drying.

Moretto is also introducing the XD10 mini-dryer (photo), a small desiccant dryer that borrows from the company’s XMax dryer design, incorporating a mini-turbocharger capable of generating the required airflow with power consumption of only 60 W. XD10 comes with a dewpoint equalizer, variable adaptive airflow, double turbine for process and regeneration, and color touchscreen.

In addition, Moretto has upgraded its DGM gravimetric blending systems with new features: four clear panels that provide visibility of the interior, and the interior is illuminated with LED lighting in four colors to signal operating status.

And Moretto’s new Exa is a mini-central conveying system capable of managing up to six receivers with a single vacuum pump.