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Materials: Heat-Resistant Biodegradable PLA Compound

FKuR’s optimized PLA compound boasts efficient processing.


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A biodegradable PLA compound which has been optimized especially for easy and efficient processing, has been launched by Germany’s FKuR Plastics Corp. (U.S. office in Cedar Park, Texas).  The advanced injection molding grade Bio-Flex S 7514 boasts good flowability (MFR = 27 g/10 min),and is also well suited for use in multi-cavity molds and the production of parts with longer flow paths.

The compound’s high heat resistance (Vicat A = 110 ° C), which is achieved without a hot tool, reportedly allows for shorter cycle times. Typical end-use applications are for catering, such as cutlery. Bio-Flex S 7514 has a bio-based content of 75% and is available in both natural and white.