Materials: High Heat Stabilized Nylon 66 for Underhood Applications

Lanxess’ first entry of  the new nylon product line is aimed at offering an alternative to costly semi-aromatic nylons and PPS. 

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A new heat stabilization system developed by Lanxess, Pittsburgh, Penn., is specifically designed to increase the continuous operating temperatures of certain Durethan nylons to over 446 F/230 C. The first entry in this new product line is a glass-fiber-reinforced nylon 66 grade, AKV35XTS2.

Over the last few years, Lanxess has aimed to respond to the growing trend toward more efficient combustion engines that subject plastic components under the hood to higher thermal loads. According to the company, the new nylons provide an alternative to costly, heat-stabilized specialty thermoplastics such as fully and semi-aromatic nylons and PPS. Possible applications include air intake modules with an integrated intercooler or air ducts near the turbocharger.