MATERIALS: High-Flow Elastomer Enhances PP Processing

ExxonMobil Chemicals' newest propylene-ethylene elastomers are aimed at enhancing processing of PP compounds in food packaging.

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The latest addition to the Vistamaxx metallocene-based propylene-ethylene specialty elastomers from Houston-based ExxonMobil Chemical are said to enhance processing efficiencies of PP compounds and filler masterbatch applications used in food packaging to deliver potential productivity increases and processing cost reductions. Grade 6502 has high melt flow rate of 48 and is U.S. FDA and European Union compliant for food-contact applications, and is on the Chinese Positive List for resins permitted in food packaging products.

 In PP compounding applications, it's use has been shown to improve flow properties while improving the physical property balance of the compound. Flexibility and impact strength can be increased while stress whitening is reduced and clarity is maintained. It is well suited for PP rigid food packaging applications, especially those that use thin-wall injection molding. As a polymer carrier in masterbatch applications, it has been shown to enhance flow while allowing for high filler loadings of materials such as calcium carbonate.