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MATERIALS: High-Performance LLDPE for Heavy-Duty Sacks

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Nova's new octene copolymer LLDPE's distinct molecular architecture delivers a previously unavailable mix of properties.

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 A new LLDPE resin designed for the heavy-duty sack (HDS) market--including applications such as salt and resin bags, animal feed, bulk-food packages, and sealant films for laminate structures, has just been launched by Nova Chemicals (U.S. office Moon Township, Penn.).

This latest addition to the company’s Surpass line, grade HPs019-F.  is a high-performance octene copolymer LLDPE that offers a balance of toughness and tear, with exceptional creep resistance properties. Made with Nova’s proprietary Advanced Sclairtech technology, this resin reportedly enables downgauging and delivers improved film quality and versatility compared to traditional HDS mono-layer and coextruded structures.

“HPs019-F enables our heavy-duty sack customers to do more with less. This resin’s versatility and all-around performance allows extruders to use it in coextrusion for a number of different applications,” says Mark Kay, performance films group manager.

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