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4/26/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

MATERIALS: Novel PE Resins for Super Tough Film Applications

Originally titled 'MATERIALS: High-Performance LLDPE for Tough Films'
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ExxonMobl's new Exceed XP boasts unprecedented performance and processability.

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A family of high-performance PE resins newly launched by ExxonMobil Chemical, Houston, reportedly sets a new benchmark. Exceed XP is designed to provide unprecedented performance in a variety of film applications and to run at faster production rates. It boasts: extreme flex-crack and dart impact resistance; exceptional aged property retention; outstanding machine direction tear strength; excellent melt strength; and, enhanced flexibility and sealability.

Developed through advanced catalyst technology, process research, and applications expertise, these resins are said to allow converters to develop new-to-the-world film and liner products. Formulations can be designed to provide a balance of performance and processability, while helping to manage costs through the end-user. There is also potential to deliver coextrusion performance in a monolayer structure. Moreover, film converters reportedly can benefit from processing efficiency due to: film consistency which can reduce machine-run stoppages for potentially higher output; maintained film stiffness at lower densities; bubble stability; and shorter machine runs, if required, with easier flow for less energy use.

The initial grades in this family include 8318ML (1.0 MI, 0.918 g/cc); 8358ML (0.50 MI, 0.918 g/cc); and 8656ML (0.50 MI, 0.916 g/cc). They have been field tested with some commercial applications already underway. Targeted film applications include:

Liquid packaging including bag-in-box, pillow and stand-up pouches, and flexi-tank container liners. Exceed XP has been shown to produce exceptionally strong films that prevent product leakage and contamination.

Flexible food packaging for use in very demanding environments such as low temperatures or high volume. Exceed XP has been shown to produce exceptionally tough films with outstanding sealing performance. Downgauging levels of up to 30% can be achieved with better packaging performance, protecting and preserving food longer.

Building and construction liners to help builders protect their structures. Liners using Exceed XP have been shown to inhibit water vapor penetration to reduce the risk of mold formation.

Thin agricultural films to wrap crops such as mulch and silage. The tough and tear-resistant films help farmers protect and preserve their crops and harvests.

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