MATERIALS: High-Stiffness PEEK for Structural Applications

Solvay's new PEEK uses proprietary additive and compounding technology that gives it 50% greater modulus/stiffness than neat PEEK.

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A new high-stiffness PEEK from Solvay Specialty Polymers (U.S. office in Alpharetta, Ga.) boasts 50% greater modulus/stiffness than standard neat PEEK grades. Despite its higher stiffness, KetaSpire KT-825 reportedly retains the elongation and toughness that is comparable to that of neat PEEK for structural applications in automotive and aerospace as well as mobile electronics. KT-825 utilizes a proprietary additive and compounding technology that  allows the unique combination of high stiffness, excellent ductility and low specific gravity of 1.35 compared to 1.30 for neat PEEK.

Solvay sees the material as bridging the gap between unfilled PEEK and traditional glass fiber reinforced or carbon reinforced PEEK grades. KT-825 has an HDT at 264 psi that is 18◦F degrees higher than unfilled PEEK. Meanwhile, its modulus is 50% greater at temperatures below the glass transition temperature (Tg) of PEEK (302◦F). At temperatures above the Tg, the tensile and flexural moduli are two times that of unfilled PEEK. Easily processed due to its melt viscosity which is similar to that of a 30% glass-filled PEEK, it can be injection molded or extruded. It also has excellent film-forming characteristics for melt-extruded films down to thicknesses of about 50 microns.

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