MATERIALS: High-Temperature Purging Compounds for 'Super' Engineering Resins

Sun Plastech has launched new compounds for purging "super-engineering resins" from molding and extrusion machines.

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Manufacturer of Asaclean purging compounds Sun Plastech Inc., Parsippany, N.J., has developed two new high-temperature grades for purging “super-engineering resins” such as PEEK, PES, PEI, and LCP from injection molding machines and extruders and will highlight these grades at NPE 2015.

Asaclean PX2 grade is an improved version of the company’s workhorse high-temperature PX grade. A glass-filled grade, PX2 offers a service temperature range of 535 F to 790 F and is said to be ideal for purging PEEK, PPS, PEI, and LCP. It reportedly excels in purging such resins over grade PX or competitive materials and is said to generate low levels of smoke and odor across the entire operating temperature range. When purging PEI on a 50-ton injection molding, PX2 was shown to require only 12 oz. vs. 16 oz. required by grade PX to do the job.  

Meanwhile, new Asaclean PF is a non glass-filled grade which also offers service temperatures of 535 F to 790 F. It is said to be ideal for purging PPS and PEI and has also be shown to be suitable for cleaning of hot runners. PF can be used as a ‘sealing’ material during machine shutdowns within the temperature range of 535 F to 700 F due to its excellent thermal stability.  

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