MATERIALS: Laser-Markable Thermoplastic Compounds Allow for High-Contrast Marks

RTP's new series of compounds include a variety of thermoplastics, including clear substrates.

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A new series of thermoplastic compounds from RTP Company, Winona, Minn., is formulated to allow for high-contrast marks and images to be added to an application via laser processing. A variety of polymers, including clear substrates, can be compounded to optimize laser marks, which eliminates the need for inks, paints, and dyes, thus saving on processing costs.

            Particularly regarding the challenge of laser marking clear resins, the company is able to compound additives into such substrates that absorb specific wavelengths of energy and create a high-contrast mark, while allowing the resin to remain clear. This is particularly key for injection pens, drug pumps, and medical packaging applications. The company also offers its new Laser-Markable Compounds in white, black, or customer colors to meet application requirements.