Materials: Low-Fogging, Low-Odor TPEs for Auto Interiors

Hexpol TPE’s new Dryflex Interior TPE compounds targeted to applications such as inlay mats in the dashboard, door and middle consoles as well as thumb wheels, switches and more.

A new series of low-fogging, low odor TPE compounds for automotive interiors is now offered by Sweden’s Hexpol TPE (U.S. office in Sandusky, Ohio). Dryflex Interior TPEs are optimized for low emissions and reportedly offer on average a 75% emission reduction compared to other TPEs for interior applications on the market. They display low odor with results 2.0 to 3.0 in standards such as VDA 270. According to gravimetric fogging standard ISO 6452 they achieve condensate < 1.0 mg and achieve VOC results from 60 to 120 µg/g and Fog from 200 to 600 µg/g.

Dryflex Interior TPEs have passed additional interior tests for lightfastness, flammability and mechanical performance. Currently available in hardness’ between 25 and 85 Shore A, they are said to offer efficient processing and the possibility of finely structured surfaces or complex geometry in the part design. They are available in customer specific colors as well as black and natural. End-use applications include inlay mats in the dashboard, door, middle console or glove box, as well as thumb wheels, switches, cup holder liners, interior trim and HVAC components.