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MATERIALS: Lubricated TPV Challenges Rubber in Seals & Gaskets

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Teknor Apex's new Sarlink TPV boasts superior processability and greater long-term sealing force.

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The latest TPV from Teknor Apex, Pawtucket, R.I., is a lubricated compound for pipe seals and gaskets that is said to exhibit the same processing and performance advantages over thermoset rubber as a well-established TPV. Moreover, its enhanced lubricity allows it provide for faster insertion of seals and more error-free assembly.

Designed specifically for use in seals for non-pressure wastewater and drain pipe, Sarlink 9156-02 TPV boasts physical properties nearly identical to those of Sarlink 9156B, a workhorse compound for pipe seals, but as a lubricated compound it exhibits a coefficient of friction that is only 16% as high. Both TPVs exhibit greater retention of sealing force (measured by the degree of stress relaxation) over a period of years than rubber, prolonging the working life of pipe seals, which must prevent leakage from within the pipe and seepage from outside. The ability to be two-component molding is a key advantage of these pipe seal compounds.