Materials: New LSR Cures, Forms in the Body

Patented LSR delivery system allows implantation of pre-sterilized materials for in-situ cure and forming within the body.

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Avantor’s NuSilbrand originally launched the technology at the Compamed show in Germany in 2017; it used MD&M West 2018 in Anaheim for the North American debut. The company discussed how medical-grade liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs) are already widely used for a range of implantable medical devices, but these LSRs are used to fabricate cured devices outside the body, which then must be surgically implanted.

The new patented in-situ LSR delivery system from Avantor’s NuSilbrand allows for implantation of pre-sterilized materials for in-situ cure and forming within the body. The company says this makes it possible for medical device manufacturers to not only customize the fit of implanted devices to the individual patient, but it also results in much less invasive implantation procedures.

Key to the technology is that it allows sterilization of the uncured LSR, thanks to a gas sterilizable double-cartridge dispensing system that can be prefilled with specific uncured LSRs. These cartridges feature a gas-permeable plunger seal, designed to allow sterilizing ethylene oxide gas to permeate through the plunger seal, sterilizing the contents of the cartridge.

A NuSil representative said the company can dial in the cure time based on the procedure. The company foresees potential application in areas like neurology, cardiology, and birth control. AT this time, there are already some NuSil customers in clinical trials with the technology.

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