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Materials: New Nylon & PET Electrical Compounds

New Rynite and Zytel grades for automotive electrical parts and household appliances.


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DowDuPont Specialty Materials, Wilmington, Del., has introduced two new electrical/electronic grades. One is Rynite FR533NH, the company’s first halogen-free PET compound for IT equipment such as chargers, transformers, relays, switches,
and motors in unattended household appliances. Containing 33% glass, it reportedly offers improved flow and lower density than halogenated PET compounds, which makes it a more economical solution. It also boasts “the best long-term heat-exposure performance in the market,” DuPont says.

The second new product is Zytel LT70G35EF, a laser-transparent black nylon 66 with 35% glass, suitable for automotive electronics. It eliminates the need to laser weld a clear part to a black part—now both parts to be joined can be colored black, as automotive customers have wanted. Also, its electrical properties are said to be stable after exposure to 85 C and 90% RH.