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Materials: New Nylon, PPA & PPS Grades For Water Management

DSM is going after water heating systems, water meters, sanitary products, appliances, and hot-water connectors.


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DSM Engineering Plastics (U.S. office in Troy, Mich.) has launched a variety of new grades aimed at water management, such as water heating systems, water meters, sanitary products, appliances, and hot-water connectors.

• New grades in DSM’s EcoPaXX nylon 410 range are suited to long-term contact with water.

• ForTii Ace WX51-FC is a 30% glass-reinforced PPA based on nylon 4T chemistry with a high glass-transition temperature of 160 C/320 F. It was developed for drinking-water applications and long exposure to water at 100 C/212 F and above. Injection molded parts reportedly show superior weld-line strength retention after long-term exposure to hot water above 100 C.

• Also for drinking-water contact is Xytron G3020DW-FC, a 30% glass-filled PPS; Xytron G4020DW-FC, 40%-glass PPS; and Xytron G3020E, impact-modified PPS. What reportedly distinguishes these grades is lower flash than with other PPS brands, while retaining high flow. Xytron PPS has a continuous-use temperature of 240 C/464 F.