MATERIALS: Next-Generation High-Temperature Nylons 46, 6/66

New Diablo high temperature resistant nylons from DSM unveiled.

DSM Engineering Plastics (U.S. office in Birmingham, MI) unveiled its next-generation of Diablo high temperature resistant nylons at the 2014 Fakuma trade show. These grades are part of DSM’s Stanyl nylon 46 and Akulon 6/66 portfolios and are targeted to automotive underhood components.

            DSM claims its new technology can deliver significantly improved long-term temperature resistance components such as air-intake manifolds with integrated intercoolers, ducts, charge air cooler end caps, mixing tubes and resonators used in the latest car engines. The latest version Stanyl Diablo nylon 46 can withstand a continuous use temperature of 446 F (230 C), while the new Akulon Diablo 6/66 withstands 428 F (220 C). Both grades boast improved resistance to short-term high-temperature peaks as measured by deflection temperature under load (HDT). The Stanyl grade has an improved HDT of 513 F (267 C) while the Akulon grade has an HDT of 473 F (245 C). These grades are also said to offer improved resistance to chemicals and gases in exhaust gas recirculation systems and have very good processing properties resulting in finished parts with high burst pressure weld-line strength and excellent surface finish.  (800) 333-4277 •

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