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Materials: No-Post-Cure LSR for Baby Care, Medical, and Food Contact

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New Elastosil grade from Wacker has low residual volatiles and high strength without post-cure.

New from the German parent of Wacker Chemical Corp., Adrian, Mich., is Elastosil LR 5040, a liquid silicone rubber (LSR) that reportedly shows excellent mechanical properties without post-curing. Its low volatile content complies with regulatory specs for sensitive applications in baby care, medical, and food-contact uses. In many cases, post-cure will not be needed, Wacker says.

Parts made of Elastosil LR 5040 are translucent with a delicate blue shimmer. Volatile content without post-treatment is below the required 0.5%. Tear strength without post-cure is said to be equivalent to that of a post-cured high-strength standard LSR. The line initially covers a hardness range of 30 to 70 Shore A. Without post-cure, hardness of the product reportedly deviates by no more than ±3 durometer points.


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