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9/2/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Materials: Novel Nylon 66 and Modified PPE Foams for Automotive

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Asahi Kasei develops ‘first’ nylon 66 bead and modified PPE foams for challenging automotive applications. 

Two new novel engineering thermoplastic foams have been recently unveiled by Asahi Kasei (U.S. office in Fowlerville, Mich.), both aimed at challenging automotive applications:

 ▪ Nylon 66 Bead Foam: Said to be a ‘first’, the company has been developing a foam based on nylon 66  beads. (Asahi Kasei is one of only four fully-integrated global nylon manufacturers that can  produce nylon 66 completely from monomer to compound). Dubbed PA Foam, the new foam features the typical heat, chemical and oil resistant properties of nylon, mixed with an outstanding rigidity or noise reducing quality – depending on the shape of the beads. Consisting of round-shaped beads, this foam features a strong rigidity, which makes it a promising alternative for aluminum and metal in structural applications, as well as for use for insulators, ducts, spacers or other lightweight parts of the battery case of electrified vehicles.

PA Foam with a C- or macaroni-shape version, on the other hand, reportedly provides noise insulation in addition to the typical nylon properties. Possible applications can be found everywhere around the car, especially in the engine compartment, where the material can unfold its unique qualities. Used for engine covers, it does not only contribute to light weight, but also significantly reduces the radiating engine noise, making the car quieter in total.

▪  SunForce particle foam based on a modified PPE. Compared to standard foams made of PS or polyolefins, the use of m-PPE is said to equip this foamed material with unique properties, opening up new possibilities for applications in thermal management and fire protection. The material is UL 94 V-0 certified (Standard for Safety of Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Appliances) and thus contributes to an overall product safety.

According to Asahi Kasei, SunForce is the ‘first-of-its-kind’ material certified with the UL94 V-0 standard. In addition, the material boasts superior heat insulation properties while at the same time functioning as a lightweight shock-absorbing material for automotive battery packs. These properties and characteristics enable functions and applications that go beyond those of conventional foams. SunForce is suitable for applications in automotive battery packs, lightweight shock absorbers, sandwich composite cores with carbon fiber, as well as for thermal insulation applications.