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Materials: Nylons, PBTs for Batteries and Electromobility

Lanxess is now offering a range of nylons and polyesters for the electric powertrain. 


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A wide range of tailor-made nylons and PBTs--under the Durethan and Pocan brands, respectively—have been developed by Lanxess, Pittsburgh, Penn., for components of the lithium-ion battery, the electric powertrain and the charging infrastructure. Lithium-ion batteries play a key role in advanced technology solutions for the areas of mobility, energy storage and consumer electronics. The trend toward electromobility, in particular, is driving investment in the mass production of batteries. Potential battery applications include module covers and separators, high-voltage connectors, housing parts for control units, cell holders, spacers, module cover plates and supply lines.

One example of a material innovation for batteries is the easy-flowing Durethan BKV45FN04, a 45% glass-fiber reinforced, halogen-free, flame-retardant nylon 6, which passes the UL 94 flame-retardant test with the best classification of V-0 (0.4 millimeters) and is also tracking-resistant at high electrical voltages. Due to its stiffness and strength, it is ideal for the production of structural components of the battery – such as cell frames and end plates. It is also suitable for high-voltage connectors.