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Materials: One Purging Compound for PC and PMMA

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Chem-Trend’s new Ultra Purge C6090 is ideal for machines that manufacture both headlamp and rear-lamp lenses. 

A new thermoplastic purging compound from Chem-Trend, Howell, Mich., is designed specially for processors using one machine to manufacture both PC and PMMA headlamp and rear-lamp lenses. Ultra Purge C6090 is said to offer processors a single purging agent that minimizes quality issues and creates a more consistent, simple, and efficient process.


This flexible solution is also said to overcome common industry issues associated with color change in PC, or processing PC at high temperatures and switching to PMMA at low temperatures. Ultra Purge C6090 reportedly allows for a smooth transition between the PC processing temperature from 536°F to 608°F  (280°C to 320°C) and of PMMA from 374°F to 518°F  (190°C to 270°C). It is also said to prevents issues related to either freezing PC at PMMA processing temperatures or burning PMMA at PC processing temperatures with the consequence of black specks
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