MATERIALS: PP Grades for Thermoforming, Film and Thin-Wall Molded Packaging

Braskem has launched the Inspire 6000 series and Prisma specialty grades of PP.

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Two new specialty grades of PP for packaging applications have been introduced by Braskem North America, Philadelphia. Boasting outstanding stiffness, clarity, and improved productivity is the new REACH compliant Inspire 6000 series, available for film and thermoforming. The film grades are said to have an optimum balance of stiffness and processing performance. The thermoforming grades are said to offer increased melt strength, resulting in a more uniform wall thickness and lower part weight.

The new Prisma injection molding PP resins are said to offer an exceptional blend of characteristics. Prisma 1910, for example, is designed for thin-wall injection molding, ranging from hot-fill, microwaveable and freezer applications. It boasts an unmatched balance of transparency, stiffness and impact strength.  

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